Soldier Field Haunted?


MAY 13, 2022  (16H03)      JOSEPH
I was today years old when I found out that Soldier Field is haunted.

I mean a stadium that's been around since 1924, dedicated to fallen soldiers kind of makes sense to have a ghost around. It's the names of the ghosts that surprised me.

The Bears switched from Wrigley Field to Soldier Field in 1971, then in 1985, the Bears struck gold and finally won their first Super Bowl.

Now in 2022, the word around town is that the ghosts of Walter Payton and Budyy Ryan haunt the halls of Soldier Field. Both are members of the 85 Bears it makes you wonder why they choose to haunt there. Both are beloved members of the organization, maybe they just couldn't let it go. Once a Bear always a Bear I suppose. Hopefully, these ghosts can help the Bears turn the tide around and get back to their winning ways...

Check out some of the highlights from the biggest game that was ever played at Soldier Field back in 1985 for the NFC Championship: